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Tech Supplies

Clip, Alligator, Black, package of 10 (Package of 10)
Will accept bare wire or standard banana plugs. Insulated barrel, box/10
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Wire - Magnet, 24 Gauge, 200'
Insulated with two coats of enamel. Perfect for winding coils or transformers. 24 gauge, 200 foot. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.
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Wire, #24 Celanese Covered,
White celanese covered wire, resembling early cotton covered wire, may be color dyed. Cotton wrap, #24 magnet wire. 20 foot minimum.
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A minimum order of at least 20 is required.
Novus Plastic Polish #1, 2 oz
Cleans and glazes plastic surface to resist finger markings, dust build-up and is anti-static.
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Wire - Hook-Up, Lacquered, 25' Spool, Yellow
#20 stranded copper wire with modern insulation and lacquered cotton braid finish. Provides safety and authentic vintage look. 25 foot spool, yellow.
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Hex Tool- Double End .125"
Molded from Delrin, 5 3/32 long. Ends are .125 hex with .10" wide by .02" thick plastic screw driver on one end.
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Cement - Service
A quick-drying, waterproof celar adhesive which forms a strong vibration resistant bond. Ideal for speaker repairs and bonding semi-porus materials to each other or to metalsm plastics, etc. 2 oz. bottle.
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Wire - NiChrome, 35 AWG, 20' Minimum per Order!!!!!!
Use for making wirewound resistors, small heater elements, or repairing filament potentiometers. 20.80 ohms/ft, 35 gauge. 105°C temperature rating, 600V.
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