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Tech Supplies

DeoxIT® Gold, Brush Applicator, Caig
DeoxIT® GOLD G100L (formerly ProGold), 7.4mL Bottle with Brush Applicator, 100% solution. Cleaner Audio Cleaner Video Reliable Data Improve your: USB Firewire HDMI/DVI RCA BNC SCSI Ethernet S-Video Component Video HDTV Connections 1/4" Input Jacks
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DeoxIT® Gold Electronic Maintenance Kit, Caig
Includes: DeoxIT® brush applicator (#D100L-2DB), (Applications = 500 ± brush strokes, 10mm long) DeoxIT® GOLD brush applicator (#G100L-2DB), (Applications = 500 ± brush strokes, 10mm long) Lint-free swabs, brushes and cloths
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DeoxIT® Liquid, 5%, 118 ML, Caig
D5L Liquid, DeoxIT® D-Series D5L Liquid, 5% solution, 188 ml.
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Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant, IS-808, Translucent
Momentive IS-808 translucent adhesive.
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DeoxIT® Wipes (50), 100% solution, Caig
DeoxIT® Wipes, 100%, 50 individual wipes, zip-lock bag
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Lint-free Cotton Cloth (50), Caig
Lint-Free Cloth, cotton, 2.25" x 4.5", package of 50.
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DeoxIT® Gold GN5 Mini Spray, Caig
Contact cleaner, conditioner, enhancer, lubricant and protectant for PLATED metal surfaces. Improves conductivity, maintains optimum signal quality, reduces fretting & dendrite corrosion, and stabilizes connections between similar and dissimilar metals. DeoxIT® GOLD also reduces wear and abrasion, arcing, RFI and intermittent connections and improves connector performance/reliability. Ideal for gold plated surfaces. On oxidized surfaces, pre-treat with DeoxIit contact cleaner. Temperature range: -45 to +240°C. May be shipped by air (up to 36 units).
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DeoxIT® Shield SN5 Spray, Caig
DeoxIT® SHIELD S5 Spray (formerly PreservIT P5S-6), 5% solution, flushing action, 142 g, (Applications = 1200 ±). Seals, lubricates and protects metal surfaces against oxidation and contamination. Use on clean/new surfaces or those precleaned with DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner.
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