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Tech Supplies

Radio-TV Service Solvent, 2 oz
Quick acting solvent for use in speaker repair. Can be used as lacque thinner, two ounces.
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Color Bond Prep Cleaner
4 oz. of cleaner that mixes with a gallon of water to prepare upholstery for use with Color Bond's refinisher for plastic, leather, and vinyl.
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Rubber Renue, 1 oz
Cleans and revitalizes rubber. Deglazes hardened rubber hoses, drive wheels and belts. Gives racing model tires more grip.
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Q Dope, 2 oz
Fast drying coating for coils and transformers. Clear, protective coating has minimal effect on inductive values. 2 oz.
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Micro-Mesh Plastic Restorer
The most efficient system available for removing scratches and haziness from plastic radio cabinets and clear dial windows. Each kit contains 5 pieces of 3 x 6 Micro-Mesh cushioned abrasive cloth ranging from coarse to ultra-finefoam sanding block3 oz. bottle of Micro-Gloss liquid abrasive and a soft buffing cloth. 8 oz.
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Silicone Heat Sink Compound, Type Z9, 1 FL oz
Type Z9, 1 fluid ounce.
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Polish, Magnolia Glayzit, Restores Bakelite
For restoration of Bakelite. A siliconized polish that restore Bakelite with its blend of premium wax and oil.
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Belt and Drive Non-Slip
Prevents slippage and restores proper functions on belts and drive wheels in turntables and tape recorders, especially where the rubber has hardened or become slick. 2 oz jar.
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