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On and SGS Thompson have started making the older RCA, and later Mexican made Motorola transistors for Peavey amps. I have used these in amps like Crate, Kustom. Peavey, and rack mounted PAs, powered boards and powered speakers. The On Semi stuff has better consistency than the early NAFTA Mexican Motorola stuff. I recommend buying something like a B&K or Leader 0-90 or 0-100 volt curve tracer to match these up. Then your repairs will be almost bullet proof. On Semi, and ST Micro is making a very good product now. Eventually the Mexican Motorloa stuff improved, but I would exercise added care with the Mexican made stuff that has 1990s date codes on it. At one time Motorola made transistors just down the road from Antique Electronics. I have a small stash of small signal Qs that were made in Arizona. Motorola took over making Peavey parts when RCA went out of business. These are pricey, and I like to buy these 100 at a time, straight from Asia, but these will work for a general repair and do a fine job of it! - March 30th, 2015