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My Coronado was ailing. The turned wooden knobs and band selector lever for PB, AM1 and AM2 were there, but the "D" inserts were gone and one of the knobs had a massive wowed out hole where the clip went, and another clip was just gone. I took some wax paper, some Vaseline and an old D shaft pot, and prepared a batch of epoxy to fill the hole. I greased up the D shaft wrapped it in wax paper and dumped epoxy into the hole on the knob. Then I slid the clip over the wax paper and stuck the pot into the knob and shimmed it so the knob was straight. I have repeated the process dozens of times by now and these clips are how you save those old knobs. New we have resin and molds, and 3D printers, so most knobs can be replicated. The 3D printed stuff varies in quality, but the D clips assure a good fit, no matter what! - April 1st, 2015