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This book appears to be a brand new reprint of an earlier RCA manual. I bought it as a reference/cross reference for tube data in order to help avoid bad information included in the tube data rolls on my EICO 667 Tube Tester. It may be of some help in that regard, but not a one-stop source for correct information for testing. The book, considered by itself, is a nice reference. There is an introductory section covering basic tube information, tube characteristics, applications, installations, safety precautions, interpretation of tube data, and a little bit on testing. The major portion of the book gives a lot of the technical data on a myriad of tube types. The tubes are listed in numerical order for ease of location within the book, and cover the voltage regulator tubes, beam power tubes used in amplification, as well as many of the receiving tubes used in TV and radio. For my purposes I have found it to be an excellent reference book, and well worth the price, which I though was reasonable as well.

K. MacKenzie - April 8th, 2015