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I'm very disappointed in these plugs... I use Switchcraft because they're the best, not watered down 'equivalent' cheap stuff. But, the 226 plug that I have been using for guitar patch cords has let me down - the sleeve gets loose (it's only held on by the riveted-in tip) and goes intermittent. It can be very hard to figure out whether it's the cable, the plug, or the jack that is causing the problem. If you have any of these plugs, check that the sleeve is not free to wiggle or rotate. If it does, it will be intermittent before long, just like the cheap 90 degree plugs out there. The SC 228 right angle still seems of good quality - use those instead. Yes, AES has them, they just don't appear when you narrow your search down to Switchcraft...?

Rus Winham - June 7th, 2015