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Blue Molded Review 2nd paragraph.
I'm only concerned with fat tone.... with a non harsh smooth top end while keeping mids bitey n grindy as well as a punchy and tight bass thump for amplified harmonica. I first used the yellow sozos in 04' replacing Red Paper Astrons--course it was a 1962 Harmony 305A, and the fatness roared through after breaking in a touch...killer! Big fat n airy. I now put them in everything.

In 07' I then built-For Myself- a SE Sharp Cutoff Pentode amp running a 6V6 completely tailored to the component specs I've learned over the years and I spared no expense. In this build i used all Yellow Sozos for tone, but when I decided to double the output coupling cap for even more low end I just put a Blue Molded in parallel and grabbed my hottest mic, (i build custom harp mics too) a 1940's Brush Crystal in a JT 30 Shell and ohhhhhh babyyyyyy! The low end is not muddy but rather even fatter with the same bite. Even before i doubled the coupling caps uF my pro harp playing buddies all say this is by far the fattest growlin'ist SE 6V6 with a 10" speaker they've ever heard. If you know the mighty HarpKing Amps built by probably the greatest amp tech and designer ever, John Kinder, well this has been nicknamed Little HarpKing. A big part is Sozo Caps. I will use nothing else for tone.
Some people think Paper N Oil Caps are the best. Sure they sound great, but if you use nothing but oil caps you tend to lose the BITE and amp once had. I personally know a very well known custom harp amp builder who uses all oil and his amps and sometimes the amps sound anemically warm....lack of bite.
Im getting ready to completely rebuild a 60watt Tube Pignose and Sozo Caps are going in it 😎

ThunderHarpAmps - March 2nd, 2017