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I have been using these TAD EL84str power tubes for quite some time now and I have tried them all in my Soldano amp. These have the best of all worlds for lows, mids and highs. The bass response from my amp is absolutely fantastic. I play classic rock and blues guitar and these tubes really are the best I have ever found so far. Way better then Sovt, JJ, Mull, you name it I tried it. Been playing for 45 yrs, 63 and still rocking on the weekends. Love these tubes so much I don't have any others on hand anymore. Sold everything else I had. I might add I use Sylvania 12ax7's for the pre-amp tubes. Best I have found in 12ax7's. NOS Sylvania's with the green lettering.

Rockin' Ronnie - March 22nd, 2017