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I used these in a DGSE-1 EL84SE amp based on a Magnavox 8600. I wanted to see what a very inexpensive SE amp could sound like. I find it very enjoyable. Prior to that, I had a not-so-cheap KT88SEUL using Edcor CXSE 25watt output transformers. So, I do have something to compare these to.

About a year before I built the DGSE-1, I acquired a Pilot 402 which had pip-squeak OPT and made me question whether huge OPT iron was really necessary. I couldn't believe how those little OPT could develop such satisfying bass.

True, these small OPT may not be for the audiophile, but after asking other builders of the DGSE-1 whether they noticed a difference using GXSE or Hammond, I was told that they really couldn't justify the additional cost.

For me, these are cheap and cheerful and have enough bass to satisfy. I don't feel the need to build anything more substantial. This amp was less than $200 in parts. My previous amp was $600 in parts. Maybe it was slightly better, but not 3X better!

My speakers roll off around 50Hz, so these OPT are just what I need. And most folks who use these are not building an amp for pop or rap music. For jazz, acoustic or soft rock, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

jdsalinger - September 3rd, 2017