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I have owned this kit for several years now. Although it is rock solid reliable, the filtering is very poor. It generates a lot of noise, and depending upon the farm radio you hook it up to and where you use it in your house, it will manifest different symptoms. On a Silvertone Model 1926, I would hear a slight hum with the volume turned down. On an Airline 62-305 it generates hum when tuned to a local station on a particular frequency and, depending upon where I use it in the house, there is static in many areas of the dial. Also, when this power supply is in use and another radio is on elsewhere in the room, you hear a bad hum on the other radio. Turn the power supply off and the hum on the other radio goes away completely. It's time AES took a second look at the design of this kit and improved it. If the power section of AC radios in the '30's and 40's can effectively eliminate all AC hum and static, then why can't this 21st century battery eliminator? Also, I question the wisdom of using a single 4700uf capacitor to filter the filament power. In my experience, the higher the value of a capacitor, the more likely it is to leak and loose value over time.

fjockey - December 12th, 2017