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For those of you who like short reviews: Overall, I thought that this book was worth the cost.

Here are some thoughts on specific sections I had as I read the book:

This book was published over twenty-five years ago. I mention that only for those people who are concerned about such things. Designs for Tube-type Instrument Amps were more or less codified another twenty years before then, so it is pretty much a moot point for me.

That said, there is a Chapter on Speakers that could be updated. While underlying concepts remain the same, today´s Speakers are made of new, improved materials.

If you own a tube amp and know little or nothing about tube amps or amp electronics in general, then Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen, ´What NOT To Do´ and ´Technical Tips´ are probably worth the cost of the book right there.

If your interest in this book is Amp Mods, be aware that the author is a Marshall kind of guy and although Basic Principles remain the same, modifications for other brands of amps are not described.

There are also some Troubleshooting Flowcharts included. I have not had occasion to use them, but they look very well done.

This book is not a collection of schematics and is not intended as that sort of reference work. Bearing that in mind, a few schematics or circuit sections could have been very helpful in illustrating the text. A sample schematic would be especially useful in the chapter on biasing.

Final assessment: This is a good introduction to the topic of Tube Amps. Techs and other Advanced Readers might want to look elsewhere. This is Technical Material, so you can expect some Math, Science and Big Words, but there is nothing here beyond the High School level. Recommended for Beginners and Early Intermediate.

michaelmx - August 19th, 2018