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I replaced the original Accutronics reverb tank in my 1967 Princeton Reverb with this one. Although the original tank still worked and tested within spec, it was noisy and weak even with new cables, tubes, full recap, etc. (I actually did a full restore on this amp). I was reluctant to replace the original tank, but decided that for the price of this one it was worth a try. And I'm now very glad that I did. What a difference!! This tank sings with sparkle and warmth with lots of usable depth, as it should in an old PR circuit. It's also very quiet even with a 12ax7 driver. I was also pleasantly surprised that the mounting holes were cut exactly the same as the original and able to re-use the plywood base the original was on without making new holes in it. Not a big deal, but just to the point that it's a direct replacement detail in addition to the tech specs that I appreciate. Note, it did not come wth any mounting hardware which can be minus for some (I re-used the screws I had from the original). It does seem to be well made but time will tell if it can withstand the rigors of gigging and getting knocked around like my old tank. But for now, I'm giving it 5 stars for its sound and direct replacement compatibility in my old PR.

pmalta - December 2nd, 2018