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I think it is possible for Sovtek to make decent tubes, but not sure at what level of quality control they use. The USA brands of yester-year would destroy a factory second, and they did a lot in interest of stringent quality control. On the first shipment of a matched quad from AES, one tube was just fine, two had very minor shorts, and one had multiple significant shorts and poor Emission. I returned those three tubes and got three more replacements. On the second shipment, one was just fine, two had a minor shorts. I do know know these were different than the ones I sent back the first time because the rate of emission rise was different, slower, which indicates what I call a factory second. A good tube is one that has no shorts, grid leakage, and once energized, the emission rapidly rises as soon as the filament has warmed the cathode. Aging, used tubes start having slower and slower rise of emission upon start up. Eventually, it will not rise to acceptable levels, hence low emission.

Noel Williamson - October 19th, 2015