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MY EXPERIANCE.. I had a wood panel of 8" x 17" on which I drizzled a figure "8" and started brushing... the product had already started coagulating on the wood (3 maybe 4 seconds) and a gentle brush stroke pulled it up and into the fluid reserve of the "drizzled 8". It would not dissolve into the just puddled product and the Tolex vinyl (@ 20/1000 thick) would have been lumpy! I could not brush it out!! The skim was scum! I used about 1.5 oz. or less.... It would not dissolve in soapy water so there went my paint brush! I had to use 0000 steel wool to remove and clean the wood for a different product. A total waste of my money. my time, my paint brush and effort!! BUY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! fs

FSMITH.COM - February 4th, 2019