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These tubes perform perfectly in a push-pull hi-fi amp (an old Pilot 1030). The Pilot amps were little known, but on a par with the best high-end equipment in the 1950's. After re-capping the filter caps with F&T electrolytics (the best I've ever used in 45+ years), I attempted to match the many 6v6 tubes I have in my inventory. Nothing came close enough, so I ordered these Russian tubes as a matched pair. I was amazed how well they work together! I generally check out amps by monitoring the applied input sine-wave signal and the speaker output signal on a dual-trace scope, and comparing the waveforms. My best-matched pairs had a "glitch" at various frequencies, but these Russian tubes were dead-nuts-on from 15 hz to over 30 hz. (The Pilot amp is of excellent design, and the output transformer handled this frequency range with nearly flat response.) I am impressed. Don't even bother with "NOS" tubes; IMHO these are as good as they get.

Dan Biskup - March 3rd, 2019