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I'd prefer a 105 C rating but these work fine, just keep some air between them and any power resistors or other heat sources. 22uF vs 25uF or 47uf vs 50uf is rather inconsequential. 22 vs 25 more so than 47 & 50. The tolerances on these are usually +/- 10% at best, so 22 could be 19.8 or 24.2. When I ran roll off curve plots + or - 2.2uF made very little if any effect at all on the curve plots. A 35uF would be nice, but 33 is close enough too. 47 vs 50? With those roll off curves there is basically zero difference. With some cathode shunt cap calculations you could use 33, 47, 50, 56 or 68uF or even 82uF and the roll off curve would look the same. Changing the paralleled resistor would do more. Are these the finest electrolytic caps made? No. These caps are still generally better than anything in being used any mass produced guitar amps being made today.

Seth B Electric AAA Amplification - March 9th, 2019