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Equipment: Scott 272 integrated stereo

Problem: Has a quad of original SED installed, has been performing well for 10 years. Filament on one tube started going recently (shake the tube a little and it will start working again for a bit). Figured that since bias and balance are adjustable, why not buy ONE EH and see if I can get away with it.

The verdict: PERFECT. Slapped the one tube in, let amp warm up a few minutes, had to re-bias and balance ever so slightly. No way to tell sonically there is an "impostor" tube in there. Let it warm up 3-4 hours, conduct all tests again. Nothing moved!

The future: Winged C now too expensive. Will evaluate this arrangement. If the current EH holds up, I will buy three more and replace the remaining SED tubes as they fail with those.

A little puzzled with the reviewer saying it is better to buy the Mullard reissue: blow up the pictures and you will see it is the same structure as the EH.

sapman99 - October 30th, 2015