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My buddy bought on Craig's List via Hollywood a $1400 custom build 5F6A Bassman with 4 excellent Weber 10A125 (P10Q) and Mallory 150s throughout. That amp was built by a guy with amp layout OCD perfection, however, when I finally got a chance to look inside to see why it sounded anemic as a SS amp (We're harp players) and squealing feedback, I saw these $1 dollar Mallorys. Took me a month to convince him I needed to swap them out with Sozo Blue Molds and a few Yellow Next Gens...i do this all the time for customers to great delight. After the preamp section was done that amp was brought to life. Then the rest of the amp, now this amp is a fire breathing tone machine that rivals my friends real 59 that I did the same to in which he ssid,"I've had this 59 since 1982 and it's never sounded this good." Pay a little extra if you want real tone passing through to the next stage. Experienced ears baby!

Stevo - September 21st, 2019