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Despite the other review here, this cap should fit under the preamp voltage supply wires. You might have to coax them and every build is different but it should fit. I submitted an image in the customer images section showing these caps installed in my 1965 Fender Pro Reverb. There is a caveat however, the positive leads are not round wire style leads but rather flat. This makes it hard to bend them if the flat side is not facing the direction you wish to bend them. You have to invoke a twist in them until they face down so that they will easily bend downard to meet the board. Only one of the 3 I ordered was oriented in such a fashion. This is, of course, if you wish to keep the technical data visible on the cap for future techs. If you wish to forgo this then you will have no issues because you can just make the leads face the direction you want. They made the map sound brighter to my ears. Hard to really say.

MikeyMike - November 11th, 2019