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I put the Governor in a Blues Junior III.I won't try to be cool an describe this speaker with terms to understand how it sounds. I will tell you how it made me feel. I play more after installing the governor an Haven't been trolling craigslist for drive pedals anymore. If your a blues, classic rock ,R&B player that uses humbuckers I think this is the perfect speaker for you. Nallie Colt of the band Vintage Trouble told me to put a vintage 30 in the Junior. I could not justify the price of the celestion especially since its not made in the UK anymore. I'm glad I took a chance on this speaker. I'm totally satisfied. Plus another guy said it sounded good in the monitors. Most of the players I listen to use vintage 30 type speakers. If its good enough for them its good enough for me. I hope this helps in your quest for the right speaker. Think about the environment your playing in an be honest with yourself.

KCMO - August 15th, 2014