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I was surprised at the thickness of the insulation, to be truthful. I wish there was mention of the actual Outside Diameter of the wire, I measure 0.1285", or 3.25mm, which is a lot for 20 AWG wire. Referencing a published wire table, the actual conductors are 10 strands of #30 (0.0100") wire, for a combined 20 AWG (about 0.0400", or 10x 100 mils) so the actual wire is on the mark for dimension. Had I known how thick this stuff was, I would not have bought it. Being so thick, it's hard to work with and lead-dress nicely, and just looks out of place in the amp chassis I am building. It is cloth covered, and does look "period correct", but not what I was expecting. I suppose it will easily meet its 600 volt rating! Please publish more information in your wire specs. I don't know what I'm going to do with this stuff, really.

Ell Dee - February 22nd, 2020