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biasing adjustments are needed for the valves (6v6S) yet , but the speaker is perfect. Sounds great with the Fender 15 watt Super Champ X2 Head I am employing the speaker to. The Jensen MOD series really helps Fender amps no matter what models you have . Has a low end thump but it isn't that bad after adjusting the bass control. I need to adjust the biasing so I can get the most out of the speaker . It breaks up in a classic Tyler you would expect with a Jensen , fender match up the sound is beautiful so that it articulates the instrument. Helps with sustain, and the sustain goes on for a long period. If you want a great sounding speaker at a great price the Mod series gives you that, especially in Fender amps I can't say how much I really love them , this is my second Mod speaker purchase and I have not been let down by them yet.

mpc1968.mc1 - May 13th, 2020