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This is a good-quality covering which is thin but tough and very stretch-resistant. It will not stretch much at all, so don't expect it to conform gracefully to double-curved surfaces as would upholstery vinyl. It is great for flat-sided cabinets. I bought it to recover some 1950s Zenith Transoceanic tube sets, and for this application it was nearly ideal- easy to cut and apply, very similar in gauge to the original covering, and tough as nails. About the only negative comment I would tender in this application is that the surface texture is rather exaggerated compared with the subtle texture of the original "Black Stag" material used on the TO. Not being a fanatic about details like this, I was very pleased with the appearance of my three previously-ratty TOs when recovered with this product.

I used Weldwood brush-applied contact cement to adhere the material to the wooden hull of the radio. This was a little messy but I think that it gave me better control of the application than would a spray contact cement. The Tolex material was slightly softened by the adhesive, but not to the point where it became flimsy or hard to work with. Cleanup was with mineral spirits.

Tom RIdenhour-McHenry - August 31st, 2014