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I ordered 7 of these coils, to be sent to me, here in New Zealand. I needed at least 3 to replace RF coils in radios I have here that needed to be retuned to receive a station on 531Khz (the radios previously only tuned down to about 550Khz). Unfortunately, the original coils in these radios have a fixed ferrite slug, and weren't easily re-tunable. When I did manage to free the slugs for re tuning, I found the gain through the old coils to be woefully low. Experimentation showed that substituting a piece of ferrite rod aerial improved the gain a lot, but I couldn't figure a way to sucessfully attach a brass adjusting screw to the ferrite, so the coil could be accurately tuned once installed back in to the radio. It was by pure luck that I 'came across' the 'Antique Electronic Supply' web site, and a search of the site showed that new (and fully adjustable) RF coils were stocked. I placed an order for 7 on the 28th December. I was absolutely amazed that they arrived to me on the 5th January - 8 days later, which included a weekend (and two public holiday days for us, here in New Zealand. Absolutely outstanding service from Antique Electronic Supply. I also must add that Justin answered (my sometimes pointless) emails promptly and courteously too.
I wasted no time in temporarily installing one of the coils in to a radio, and I was very impressed that it worked exactly as I expected it to. It tuned up beautifully.
Thank you Justin and Antique Electronic Supply. I will be buying from your company again soon.
Peter W, New Zealand

Peter Walsham - January 18th, 2016