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Replaced a blown 1965 Jensen 8" 3.4 ohm (probably only a 5-8 watt) alnico speaker with this crisp, yet rowdy sounding Celestion 15 watt (4 ohm)in a 1965 airline 62-9032 (supro) 5 watt amp. Replaced the electolytics and other caps as well as the venerable 3 prong cord and nixied the death cap. The Celestion was about 1/4" bigger in diameter than the ol Jensen, so a little routing needed @ bottom of cab. Result: a very toneful yet surprisingly ballsy little champ killer in a lunchbox. The Celestion adds headroom and probably weighs 3 times what the little Jensen did. Glad I plucked that little amp from the curb before the trash dude got it! Peace.

Wes Reese - April 3rd, 2021