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It wasn't until I saw a recent YouTube vid of one of Ed Van Halen's (RIP King) EVH 100W heads being sold that I saw the Sovtek 6L6WXT+ power tubes. The early 100W heads never came w Sovtek's, and the YT vid presenter was surprised by the tubes. I had heard of these but never got motivated. Black Friday Sale seemed like the right time. WOW. These things have THE POWER! It was immediate. I finally found a tube set that easily sounded dramatically different than anything I ever had in my '07 EVH 100 head. Smooth, edgy, gritty, precise, thick, and powerful attack is how I would describe these tubes. You will have to pull back on your amp distortion and tweak you EQ settings, but once you dial it in, "the sound" is there and available to shape. In biasing, I found a 60% + setting was more than enough to make these tubes command respect. They don't need a 70% setting. These guys are hot right out of the gate. Bias to taste, but plan on a lower setting than your used to. Use yours ears w these. Great set. Couldn't be happier. Give 'em a shot. See my pic in the gallery (look for the red MM trans and red preA tube covers)

ToneChaser4Life - December 10th, 2021