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I have installed two of these replacement transformers over the years (and at least one P-T291) and I am convinced this transformer will give your single ended tube radio or amp the best possible performance at the lowest cost. If it is single ended (and not a small AA5 from the miniature tube era), this is the output transformer you need. PERIOD. Don't waste time fretting about impedance matching, DC resistance readings, or the fact that the original speaker is 4 ohm or 3.2 ohms. And don't spend more money than you have to. It's very simple: If you need a new output transformer for a singled ended radio or amp, buy this unit. Your audio will rock! If your radio or amp is a push-pull dual output, buy a P-T291. (But don't use a P-T291 on a single ended unit, even though you can. In my experience, the P-T31 has noticeably better audio on single ended units.)

fjockey - March 18th, 2016