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Though it is not stated in the description, this is the correct tank number for the 90’s Roland Blues Cube 60s, both the 1x12 and the 3x10. I have both and the reverb on my 3x10 was very week. Since they each take the same tank, I simply swapped them to determine that the tank in my 3x10 had failed. This MOD tank sounds amazing. I like it so much that I put it in my 1x12 BC60 since I gig with that one more than my 3x10. I highly recommend also getting a tank bag (SKU: P-RBAG-9-A, Item ID: 010781) when replacing the reverb tank. I don’t know why mounting the reverb tank in a bag makes it sound better - but it does.

Tracyohus - March 28th, 2016