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I bought the Philco as is at an antique radio show, disassembled it and refinished the cabinet. Then I replaced all the capacitors (from AES)and diagnosed an open primary circuit on the output transformer, a common problem on this model. I found a recommendation on the internet for this AES transformer and the electrical specs were close to the original, as far as I could tell from the limited info on the schematic. One blog reported hum and other issues from an impedance mismatch so I was a little skeptical. But it bolted right up to the same holes in the chassis and I wired to C, 1, and 2 on the secondary side and it works PERFECTLY!!! No hum or buz and the radio works every bit as good as I expected (for a 1941 model). I'm no electronics expert, self taught, so needless to say I was ecstatic to hear it play for the first time, maybe in decades. I'm so glad AES has resto products for a guy like me that likes to bring the dead back to life, so to speak. Thanks AES!

TD - April 21st, 2016