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Killer! If you want the sound of real Mustard caps, there is nothing else even close in comparison I could find after trying many brands of caps. I just built a Marshall "clone" amp using all Sozo caps. After intense amounts of tweaking, the old Marshall I copied and the clone sound so close it's very hard to tell the difference between the two amps through the same cabinet. I attribute 80% of the reason why to the Sozo caps. They were the difference maker.

Tone wise Sozo's are very slightly different than Mustard's in wonderful ways, They have a little more top end but it's not aggravating. It's actually a very "musical" sound. They also have a bit tighter and more full bass sound. While there is a difference in the sound of the two caps, it's slight and in the end, you just might find you like the Sozo's more than original Mustard caps. I did....

guyvharvey - May 7th, 2016