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This was a fun kit to build... a couple of notes to really make this kit sing... you need a long wire... like 75 to 100 feet to hear the short wave bands. Also, these are battery tubes... so don't expect that orange glow... you can see it if you strain your eyes in a dark room, but don't expect that glow to double as a night light. I did add a couple of improvements to make tuning easier: I added a Philmore vernier dial to the tuning capacitor to reduce the speed of tuning - these can be very expensive - almost half the cost of the radio, but we'll worth it! I will also be replacing the 50 ohm regen control pot with a 10-turn 100 ohm potentiometer. Also kind of expensive, but it makes tuning a lot easier. Another thing about battery tubes... you don't have to wait for them to warm up... they started working instantly like transistors.

Sterling - July 31st, 2016