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I just ordered a couple of these so I can run 4Ω speakers on amps that were originally designed with 8Ω speakers. Those amps required a plate load of about 2.5kΩ. This transformer fits the bill.

Transformers don't have inherent impedances, they transform impedances from primary to secondary, and back, according to the square of the turns ratio. In this case, since this one is specified as 5kΩ:8Ω, the impedance ratio is 625, and the turns ratio therefore 25.

With the output connected to a 4Ω speaker the primary impedance is 2.5kΩ.

This sees to be a common plate load for radio tube amps using 50L6 or similar output tubes, like the Kay 503A.

visser.ja - November 8th, 2016