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I bought this as a preemptive replacement for my Audio Research D-76 that uses a 40uF x 4 @ 475VDC pcb mounted can capacitor originally made by Cornell Dubilier that's now 42 years old. My tech, who's a 30 year veteran working with tube gear, did the installation. While applying voltage after installation, this new CE cap started arcing and burning up a 2 watt resistor. Tried it again after having to replace the resistor and it did the same thing. My original capacitor went back in and that works fine. So I have a defective CE cap and contact Antique Electronic Supply to get a replacement. The replacement did the same thing, it started arcing and burning up that resistor. I have to say that each section of this CE cap tested fine for capacitance. But I went through 2 of these and they both failed immediately. Perhaps there is not enough insulation between the plates internally(?). This CE cap is rated 50 volts higher than my original cap too. I hope Antique Electronic Supply figures out what went wrong during the initial production of this cap and can correct it in a future production run. Audio Research charges $250 for their replacement of my quad cap so that's out of the question for me. I'd rather not have to come up with a non drop-in replacement.

AdamW - January 4th, 2017