Reporting question for Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 10", Ragin Cajun, 75W

Speaker - Eminence® Patriot, 10", Ragin Cajun, 75W

Hello, I own a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue amp with a power output of 40W into 8 ohms or 4 ohms at 5% THD; it is connected to one 12 inch 8 ohm Fender speaker.I have two extra "Ragin Cajun"10 inch 8 ohm speakers (not being used) rated at 75 watts each which I am considering installing instead of the existing 12 inch. Modifying the enclosure to accept the two 10 inchers is not a problem. My question is: What`s the proper way to connect (wire) these speakers (if feasable) to the amp. This amp also has an External Speaker output jack. Thank you. Boris

You would have to run the two speakers at either 16 ohms or 4 ohms depending on whether you wire them in series or parallel. Parallel wiring will give you 4 ohms.