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Reporting question for Tolex Glue - Brush-on adhesive for applying tolex

Tolex Glue - Brush-on adhesive for applying tolex

Will this bond tolex to tolex in places where two pieces overlap?

Water based contact adhesive of this type will NOT bond Tolex to Tolex on a long term basis! It will look good for about a month and then peel off. Its bond with the wood will be just fine. Do not use 'traditional' solvent based contact adhesive, because the Tolex has high amounts of plasticiser in it, and this will cause the adhesive to break down and the bond fails by it going runny and slimy! This is a well known fault caused by 'Plasticiser Migration.' You will need to buy special 'vinyl' adhesive to stick the overlapping parts of the vinyl cloth/Tolex separately. It's a real pain... but the ONLY way! PVA glue is useless in this application. Stewart Ward -, we are involved with professional cabinet covering for our own products. Good luck!