Reporting question for Pickup - McNelly, Tele, Duckling, Neck, Open Nickel

Pickup - McNelly, Tele, Duckling, Neck, Open Nickel

What is the DC resistance of this McNelly duckling tele neck pickup? ps what an awesome website. Will have numerous future purchases.

This is McNelly's response to inquiries about the DC resistance of their pickups: "Judging a pickup by the DCR is a bit like judging a beer by its alcohol content. Sure, it tells you something, but it doesn't tell you much about the actual tone, the quality, or the output... And it fluctuates with the temperature! It can often be more misleading than helpful so we find it better to describe what you can realistically expect to hear. We can tell you this: Our pickups sound great and are made by people who really care about the details. Seriously."