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Vibrapod Isolator - Model 4, Package of 4
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Inherent vibrations degrade the sound quality of your audio/video system. VIBRAPOD Isolators were designed to isolate your components from vibration in both the horizontal and vertical planes. VIBRAPOD Cones work best in the vertical plane, however when combined with VIBRAPOD Isolators they enhance isolation in the horizontal plane. You will notice an extended, more defined bass, improved imaging and sound stage, greater dynamics and detail, plus sharper video images.

Horizontal and vertical vibration isolation improves:

  • Bass definition and depth
  • Dynamics
  • Imaging
  • Detail resolution
  • Ambiance
  • Clarity
  • Sound stage
  • Video images

VIBRAPOD Isolators and Cones should be placed under flat areas of the component with more at or near the heaviest areas and at the edges. All models are 9/16" tall and 2 7/16" diameter with a temperature range of 50°F to 100°F.

Model # Recommended Weight (Each) Weight Range Suggested Uses
S-VIBRA1-4 2.5lbs 2-3lbs CD, DVD, DSS Receivers, Laserdisc Players & Transports, DACs, Pre-amps, Amplifiers, Integrateds, Turntables, Speakers, Game consoles
S-VIBRA2-4 6lbs 4-8lbs CD, DVD, DACs, Laserdisc players & transports, Pre-amps, Amplifiers, Integrateds, Turntables, Speakers
S-VIBRA3-4 10lbs 8-12lbs Medium weight amps, DACs, Transports, Turntables, Speakers
S-VIBRA4-4 16lbs 14-18lbs Heavy amps, DACs, Transports, Turntables, Speakers
S-VIBRA5-4 25lbs 22-28lbs Extremely heavy amps, Turntables, Speakers
Weight0.237 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions9.5 in. x 6 in. x 1 in.