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DVD - Tube Amps 101, Volume IV
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Volume IV: Noise, Tips and Troubleshooting Chapter List includes:

  1. 3 Prong conversion - the RIGHT WAY! (Super Reverb)
  2. "Red Plating" Power Tubes ('77 Princeton)
  3. Replace a Bad Power Transformer ('79 Champ)
  4. Test and Replace Coupling Caps ('57 Tweed Champ)
  5. HIGH Noise Floor? (Silverface Deluxe Reverb)
  6. Buzzing Noise? ('66 Deluxe Reverb)
  7. Rehab a Champ ('56 Champ)
  8. Crackling Plate Resistors (Gibson GA-5)
  9. Rebuild a Premier Model 50
  10. Upgrade the Speaker Jack (Danelectro DM-25)
  11. DEAD Supro Thunderbolt
  12. Install a replacement Marshall light Power Switch
  13. Biasing a Marshall

We searched through many hours of vintage amp repairs to bring you 2 more hours of ALL NEW footage, using vintage amps for you to SEE, HEAR and WATCH the symptom and the repair. Produced in HD and made with Dual Layer discs to improve the viewing quality. The main topic is NOISE - different kinds and how to get rid of it, along with a ton more!

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