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Capacitor - MusiCap, 3µF, 200V, Film & Foil Polypropylene
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Brand → MusiCap
Type → Coupling
Type → Polypropylene
Type → Capacitors
Capacitor - MusiCap, 3µF, 200V, Film & Foil Polypropylene image 1

MusiCaps are constructed using separate layers of premium foil and polypropylene films, rather than the vapor deposited, metallized film used by most other manufacturers. Film-plus-foil construction requires more costly materials and result in MusiCaps being approximately 100% larger than typical metallized-film capacitors, yet the benefits are immediately discernible. MusiCaps provide a dramatic improvement in clarity, focus and dynamics when used in critical new designs, as an upgrade to existing tube or solid-state components, or in musical instruments. (Stranded, 22 gauge silver-plated copper leads with Teflon insulation.) Made in the USA. The dimensions of the 200 Volt MusiCap capacitors are as follows:

  • C-MCC2D2-200: .85" diameter x 2.88" length
  • C-MCC3-200: .97" diameter x 2.88" length
  • C-MCC5-200: 1.15" diameter x 3.25" length
Item Length2.49 in.
Diameter0.96 in.
Weight0.01 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions7.8 in. x 1 in. x 1 in.