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Effects Pedal - Maxon, OD808, Overdrive
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Type → Effect Pedals
Brand → Maxon
Type → Effects Pedals
Brand → Maxon
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The Original Overdrive! The OD808 is often imitated but never matched! Identical to the 1970s circuit and featuring the JRC4558 IC chip, it offers warm, smooth, transparent overdrive that'll make your rig scream!

The OD808's dynamically responsive circuitry reacts precisely to individual playing styles, letting the true voice of any instrument or artist shine through. Don't settle for copies when you can have the original.

The OD808 Reissue offers up all the warm, creamy, organic overdrive as the original and then some. Never one to rest on their laurels, Maxon has tweaked the current version ever so slightly to reduce noise level while retaining the legendary “808" tone.

The OD808 is the perfect pedal for adding smooth, tube-like overdrive to any clean amp – use it as a secondary dirt channel to beef up a song's chorus section, or keep it on all the time for the crunchy tone that has defined rock and roll. The OD808's mild compression and slight low-end cut are perfect for tightening up high-gain amps; allowing fast note runs to stand out with clarity while making rhythms tight and punchy. Just listen to any recording by Grammy-award winning Producer/Killswitch Engage founder Adam Dutkiewicz to hear how the OD808 has become the voice of a whole new generation of metal guitarists.

Depth4.41 in.
Item Height2.17 in.
Item Width2.76 in.
Weight0.823 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions5.9 in. x 3.6 in. x 2.5 in.

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