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Rack - Dunlop, for wahs
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Brand → Dunlop
Type → Effect Pedal Parts → Wah
Rack - Dunlop, for wahs image 1

Original Dunlop replacement rack for wah pedals (roll pin included: 0.77" length x 0.07" diameter - for mounting the rack to the treadle). The rack has 14 teeth and mounts to the underside of the treadle piece (rocking structure) of a wah pedal. The teeth of the rack interlock with the teeth of the wah potentiometer gear (i.e. pinion), thereby rotating the potentiometer's shaft as the treadle is rocked back and forth.

Item Length1.94 in.
Item Width0.19 in.
Item Height0.25 in.
Weight0.007 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions3.1 in. x 1 in. x 0.5 in.