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Tuner - Hipshot, ultra lite Clover key, 1/2" nickel
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Type → Tuning Machines
Brand → Hipshot
Type → Guitar Parts
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Heavy zinc bass tuners add unnecessary weight to your headstock, straining your neck and shoulder. It also restricts your left hand to holding up an unbalanced instrument, robbing you of the necessary freedom of motion so essential to a natural, relaxed playing technique. Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders! Hipshot’s Ultralight Bass Tuning Machines are made of durable, precision machined aircraft-quality aluminum to lighten your load, and give you the correct instrument balance without sacrificing tuning accuracy or durability.

  • Fits basses with a headstock hole size of 11/16 inch
  • Available in treble or bass orientation
  • Sold individually
BassP-GH-UL-2C-BPackaging Dimensions5.8 in. x 3.9 in. x 2.1 in.
BassP-GH-UL-2C-BWeight0.2 lbs.
TrebleP-GH-UL-2C-TPackaging Dimensions5.8 in. x 3.82 in. x 1.995 in.
TrebleP-GH-UL-2C-TWeight0.171 lbs.

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