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Guitar Screw Kit - Vintage, Shop in a Box
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A must for anyone out there with Pre-CBS FenderĀ® guitars and basses. Look no further. You can finally replace those old rusty, stripped out screws with correct new ones that look and are just like the originals. We went to special efforts to have these rare and unusual screws made for use specially, so you can keep that vintage FenderĀ® in primo condition. This assortment contains 595 pieces and comes with a traditional, free, pre-labeled cabinet for easy access and reordering.

This Kit contains:

  • 100 Bass/Tele saddle height nickel screws
  • 150 Long Strat saddle height nickel screws
  • 75 Vintage Bass nickel intonation screws
  • 75 Short Strat saddle height nickel screws
  • 120 Vintage tremelo intonation nickel screws
  • 75 Vintage Tele intonation nickel screws
Weight1.6 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions8.4 in. x 4.6 in. x 1.4 in.