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Pickup - Gibson, Single Coil P-90, Neck, Black w/ Chrome
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The Gibson P94 gives you the best of both worlds: Gibson's famous P90-style singlecoil pickup in a traditional humbucker-size housing. Replacing a traditional humbucker pickup with the P94 requires no additional routing or other modifications to the guitar. The P94 features the same vintage, enamel-like coated wiring and Alnico V magnets that are used inside the legendary P90, delivering more sustain and output than a traditional singlecoil pickup but with deep lows, growling mids and sizzling highs. In solid body guitars, take advantage of the P94's ability to easily overdrive your amplifier, or simply "clean up" by backing down on the volume. In an archtop guitar, you can realize the rich, full tone of the smoothest jazz riffs. The P94R (neck) has reverse polarity for a hum-free operation when used together with the P94T (bridge). Each P94 comes with shielded, three-conductor lead wiring, and is fully wax potted to protect against unwanted microphonic feedback.

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