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Pickup - Lace, Dobro sensor, Round neck, black
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The Best Dobro Sensor Around! This is the only magnetic Dobro style unit available today. It can take you from the gritty Delta to the twang of Bluegrass and all points in between.

The Dobro Sensor pickup was developed several years ago with the Dobro factory, when they were located down the street from Lace in Huntington Beach. Lace developed the Dobro pickup after about one year's worth of time between the two companies.

This Dobro pickup has great overall balance and clarity, capturing the true essence, versatility and soul of this unique instrument.

Cable wraps around strap end pin.

Mounting: Comes with double sided stick tape in two thickness Noted users of the Dobro Sensor include Ronnie Wood, Bob Dylan, and a host of others. Currently used by the Dixie Chicks for both recording and in concert.

Weight0.25 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions4.9 in. x 4.8 in. x 1.5 in.