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Pickup - Lace, Alumitone Humbucker, Split Coil, Chrome
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Great tone players around the world love. The Alumitone series Humbuckers still have those extended highs and lows that they always have. As always, they offer a distinctive, modern, hi-tech look that will get anyone's attention.

This radical departure from pickup design is aluminum based, rather than copper. Result: less resistance, higher output coupled to a "current driven design" as opposed to conventional voltage based pickups.

The aluminum water jet cut exoskeleton is then matted to a micro winding using 90% less fine copper wire, a low impedance/high impedance pickup is then created.

Sonic Evaluation:

Broadband response like the single coil version, but voiced for the classic mid range response humbucker tone. Installing two of these Alumitones on your guitar will save you 1/3lb of weigh and increase your guitars resonance!


  • Position: Works in neck or bridge position (sold individually)
  • Resistance: 3.4k
  • Peak frequency: 2343
  • Inductance: 1.4 henries

Sold individually.

Weight0.228 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions5 in. x 4.8 in. x 1.5 in.