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Integrated Circuit - NE5532, Low-Noise Dual Op-Amp
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This a high performance dual low noise operational amplifier. Compared to the standard dual operational amplifiers, such as the NJM1458, it shows better noise performance, improved output drive capability, and considerably higher small-signal and power bandwidths. it is compensated internally for voltage follower circuit. This makes the device especially suitable for application in high quality and professional audio equipment, instrumentation, control circuits, and telephone channel amplifiers


  • Operating Voltage = ±3V~±22V
  • Small Signal Bandwidth = 10MHz typ.
  • Output Drive Capability = 600Ω,10Vrms typ.
  • Input Noise Voltage = 5nV/√Hz typ.
  • Power Bandwidth = 140kHz typ.
  • Slew Rate = 8V/µs typ.
  • Bipolar Technology
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