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Reverb Tank - Accutronics, 4EB3C1B
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Brand → Accutronics
Type → 4 Long - 2 Spring
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New Production Accutronics 4EB3C1B Spring Reverb Tank.

  • Replacement Reverb Tank for 4EB3C1B
  • Solid, Sturdy Construction
  • Long (16 ¾") 2 Spring Unit , Long Decay (2.75 – 4.0 seconds)
  • Input Impedance 600 Ohms, Output Impedance 2250 Ohms
  • Input Insulated/Output Grounded
  • Horizontal, Open Side Down Mounting Plane
  • Made In South Korea

Compatible Amps Include: Fender® Hot Rod Deville, Hot Rod Deluxe, Blues Deluxe (reissue only), Blues Deville (reissue only). Replaces Fender® Part Number 0050394000. Also, fits Traynor™ YCV50 as well as some Music Man™ and Peavey™ models. Suitable upgrade/ replacement for the Vox™ AC30CC series amp.

Questions about reverb tanks? Please see Accutronics Products and Specifications. For an in detail write-up about reverb tanks please see Spring Reverb Tanks Explained and Compared.

Weight1.75 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions16.9 in. x 4.4 in. x 1.4 in.