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Transformer - Hammond, Audio Interstage, 10K PRI, 90K SEC
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Brand → Hammond
Type → Audio Interstage
Transformer - Hammond, Audio Interstage, 10K PRI, 90K SEC image 1
  • Designed for general purpose or replacement use in single ended or phase inverter tube driver circuits.
  • Open style 2 point mount with minimum 5" long primary leads.
  • Core material is 49% Nickel Steel laminations for better low end response.
  • Operates in the 150 Hz - 15 KHz range.


Primary Impedance 10,000 Ω
Secondary Impedance 90,000 Ω CT
Output Power 5 W
Primary DC Resistance 405 Ω
Secondary DC Resistance 1,525 Ω
Primary Inductance 28 H
Secondary Inductance 108 H
Leakage Inductance 0.11 H
Primary Impedance 175 kΩ
Secondary Impedance 675 kΩ
Turns Ratio 1:3
Dielectric Strength 500 Vrms
Mounting Centers 2" u-bracket
Weight 0.4 lbs
Item Length1.18 in.
Item Width1.7 in.
Item Height1.433 in.
Mounting Center Distance A2 in.
Fastener Hole Diameter0.187 in.
Weight0.387 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions6 in. x 3.9 in. x 1.8 in.

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